The Fundamentals of Esoteric Astrology


“The spiritual journey is governed by our ability to recognize the soul and be guided by its purpose. Esoteric Astrology—the astrology of the soul—can be very helpful in this regard. Through a deeper understanding of one’s birth chart, the Soul’s purpose and intention is revealed. Esoteric astrology also unveils the personality factors that tend to block the Soul from fully achieving its incarnational purpose. Learn the spiritual meaning behind each of the signs of the zodiac, and how the soul reveals itself through them.” - William Meader

I’m a Cancer Sun, Libra Moon & Sagittarius rising… of course more variations of energies complete our full house / chart, but essentially the cosmic form of 3 makes up your Holy Trinity. So as you listen, also give your Moon & rising some positive attention to piece your cosmic puzzle together. Hope this helps & encourages authenticity within your own enlightened path. Your soul journey is the wave, tribe! 🌊 #thatolife