Keep Hope In Your Heart


A new beginning is here & the heavy bags / burdens from the past can be let go of. It doesn’t serve us positively to hold on to them, we’ve already lived through those painful experiences so no need to relive them in our minds self tormenting ourselves. You’re a creator front & center of your own universe able to manifest a brand new reality. All of our dreams can happen, seriously… but our attention must be focused on a positive outcome to attract the good fortune. The universe is at our aid waiting to assist us along the way & is paying very close attention to our thought patterns. For a moment I’d like for you to channel in that special something that would make you extremely happy right now. Go ahead before reading along, take that time for yourself to hear your positive intentions. Find out what it is that will truly fulfill you in life. Close your eyes & take some deep slow breaths if need be.


Now, hold on to this truth for dear life! For real though, realize that at this present moment your belief in this vision brings it closer towards you & any attention feeding into the doubts or fears circling around this desire pushes it right back away from you. Concentrate on the bigger picture, it’s not for anyone else to believe in it other than yourself. Use that powerful imagination of yours to see the happy ending that you deserve while embracing the education you’re learning in the process of getting there. We all become the voice of our own stories to help others get through similar struggles, your success is truly an enlightenment map to light up paths for those facing some of the same challenges. So embody all that has happened to you & fall deeply back in love with one self for surviving it. You’re a symbol of strength, recognize your power within & keep going.


I’m so proud of us all for being here together at this time, what a great honor it is to live amongst the presence of working miracles in each and every one of us. We may not see it as it’s happening, but it is… your story continues today. Hope this message encourages you to put back on that glorious smile of yours & move in the direction of your personal freedom, because you’re a creation of a master creator who believes in each creation created by so. Your life is purposeful & you do matter to the world of existence. Have a wonderful day full of your own magical wonders! YOU ARE HERE ✨


May the force of love be with you from inside the Kingdom,

- Oceanairs ❤️